Discriminating against people for the choice they make to treat their mental health is the same as racial and sexuality discrimination.Why is this kind of discrimination allowed and even encouraged?

What would happen if your boss fired you or if your colleagues started making fun of you or judging you because they found out that you had an ayahuasca encounter?

The Aaron Rodgers case is just one of thousands of cases around the world facing this situation. A few days ago this man who is the most famous and acclaimed man in American football, the national sport of the USA, (something like Cristiano or Messi in Spain) declared in a videotaped interview:

«For me, one of the basic principles of mental health is self-love. That’s what ayahuasca did for me, helping me to discover how to love myself unconditionally. Only by loving myself unconditionally can I be able to love others unconditionally» «It was a deep and meaningful couple of nights of the ceremony. I came back and I knew I wasn’t going to be the same. It gave me a deep gratitude for life. I had a magical experience, feeling hundreds of hands on my body imparting love, forgiveness for myself and gratitude for my life, from what I felt were my ancestors».
«That put me on course to go back to my work and have a new perspective on things and be freer at work as a leader, partner, friend and lover. I feel like that experience allowed me to have the best season of my career.»

The statements spread across the US and Shannon Sharpe, an NFL analyst and former Broncos player, said the National Football League is unhappy with its players’ use of hallucinogenic substances and may launch an investigation. «I don’t know why the NFL is so happy with Rodgers using hallucinogens. I’m sure the commissioner will reach out and talk to him. I’m sure the NFL will call him and say, ‘That doesn’t look good,'» Sharpe told TMZ Sports.

What eyes don’t see that right, eyes dulled by ignorance, blinded by judgment and condemnation and refusing to look squarely at the evidence of millions of testimonies of liberation and transformation like this one.

To harass people with investigations or questions out of suspicion, paranoia, derision and even mockery and sensationalism is an affront to everyone’s freedom and well-being. Why not investigate yourselves to find out why you are so moved by a person coming out of the psychedelic wardrobe and risking judgement to bear witness to something that may inspire many people who admire him to find a path of liberation too?

There is now an increasingly global awareness when a person attacks, for example, a man for feeling pleasure when a penis is inserted into his anus. So why is there not the same sensitivity when a person experiences liberation and healing when a concoction is put in their mouth? In fact, people should not even be judged for taking drugs, whether they have therapeutic potential or not.

What if thousands of people were to speak publicly about the benefits they have experienced from therapy with MDMA (ecstasy), a substance that is banned and stigmatised as a drug of abuse?
We are talking about the therapy that has been found to be the most effective therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (and who hasn’t or hasn’t had some trauma?) with two thirds of those treated being completely free and the other third with a noticeable remission of symptoms.

What would happen if your boss or the headmaster of the school where you are a teacher knew that at the weekend you smoked the bufo alvarius and merged with the totality of divine love because you could no longer bear to live with the feeling of being an orphan in the universe? Would it not be religious discrimination to exclude a person from a recruitment who feels that entheogens are something like sacraments to enter into full communion with the divinity that floods the whole existence? Would it not be spiritual discrimination by the dominant rabid exceptionalism that currently rules governments, media and common vulgar thinking?

So why remain silent in the face of all these abuses, why continue to submit and swallow shit, why hide?

When a homesexual was killed in the USA dozens of years ago, a friend of his grabbed the peace flag and went out to walk around the city fed up with the situation, that’s when the gay pride movement began, which spread like a cry for peace and progressive liberation all over the world in defence of the right to free sexuality and an end to harassment.
We are killed spiritually, all of us, when we are denied the possibility to experiment with these tools freely, in Asian and African countries or in Russia itself the sentences are years long. We are killed with legal poisons of antidepressants that are palliatives of internal psycho-emotional situations that could be released with treatments with assisted use of psychedelics. Do we have to create the PSYCHODELIC PRIDE FESTIVAL or the entheogenic pride or the entactogenic community? Wouldn’t that also separate us from the population as different when what we are promoting can help the entire population? These substances have therapeutic and spiritual value as well as recreational and pleasurable value like MDMA, and it is wonderful indeed to stop condemning the recreational in an experience like life where we have come to enjoy.

Therefore I claim with this post the therapeutic, spiritual and hedonic freedom of every human being and that we stop giving the reason with our opinions or with our silence to people with destructive intentions that try to sink those who want to go beyond the moral limits of today’s society. Because it is from these hearts that love, freedom and joy enter so that we can all breathe them more and more fully on this planet, our present home.

Testimony Aaron Rodgers:

Aaron Rodgers could be investigated by the NFL, where he also says that ayahuasca is a drug of abuse, something false, because it does not produce compulsive consumption, nor craving, nor physical tolerance and in fact it is used for the treatment of addictions to drugs of abuse :http://amp.thecomeback.com/nfl/shannon-sharpe-nfl-may-call-out-aaron-rodgers-for-ayahuasca-use.html

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