I will never ever forget the first time I tried the mdma. A little suck of a powder in a disco in Barcelona made everything loosen up in me, now I understand that it was only an instrument that the divine put in my way to return the hope that at that moment was dying on me. Because I never felt a love as pure as that, such a deep connection with the other, an electricity running from the rump to the crown and that made me close my eyes and vibrate. I never thought that being “drugged” would feel so delicious, that in the forbidden there would be so much joy, that the music would cross me and merge with everything. And what was my surprise when I was lucky enough to meet a woman who accompanied me on the trip with whom I could live the deepest of intimacies and feel her to the core and realize how silly we are and the nonsense with which we are. that we judge ourselves and that when that veil falls you see the beauty and purity of the other. And if you connect with that person then the morbid, yes, the morbid! It takes possession of you and there is nothing like morbidness because your mind flies and you are free to suck all the sweetness and taste that is in the other, each pore of your skin opens from off to on and you feel a cascade of pleasure go through your body. I remember talking to a prostitute friend in bed on another occasion that I had judged and saying looking him in the eye, forgive me for having judged you, the prostitute is me for repressing myself and using my judgment towards you to justify my slavery!
Oh what memories in ibiza watching a sunset after taking mdma in pure relaxation and delighting me touching the hand of the woman who was next to me feeling inside her heart. What preciousness to open completely!

You will tell me if it is possible to reach such a state without taking a substance and I will tell you that I have felt aromas of it but that once you live such an experience you are disturbed for life by that vision because you have witnessed the supreme love here among humans, of the most tactile empathy and the most attractive compassion.

The MDMA is currently illegal but the Canadian MAPS organization has conducted studies with Iraqi war soldiers who have episodes of
«Post-traumatic stress» and that after the experience they have embraced what happened to them and have loved themselves deeply for what it has been estimated that the FDA legalizes it in 2021. It is curious to say that in the study people who had already tried the mdma at parties they said that by changing the context they seemed to have taken another substance. With this I do not mean that using it at parties cannot lead you to mystical experiences, in fact I totally recommend it, but rather that you can mix the purpose of liberation and meet you and the others with the party.

Find a substance that is not adulterated (the pure one is white but although if you find it as the color in the photo it will have enough purity even if it comes mixed with something innocuous that gives it that color).

Ecstasy is hardly adulterated but sometimes you get something similar from another family like mephedrone. The ideal is to take it as your rediscover Shulgin said a maximum of 4 times a year because if you take it more times physical tolerance is created and the «magic» effect is diminished and amphetamine prevails. The doses range from 80 to 150 mg if it is pure and it is not recommended to go beyond 250 mg.

With ecstasy the sexual, the sensual and the love merge and the guilt dissolves … if you allow it of course. The disinhibition if the much desired disinhibition arrives and the repression goes to hell and you are finally free! Free to breathe the whole existence, to fill yourself with life, to see the mystery of indescribable beauty that others are, to love if limits or corsets or obligations of shit.

Pure ecstasy, pure life, the gateway to paradise on earth and we will live it together precious, precious, whether you are a man, a woman or a transsexual we will live the enjoyment of living the glory and the tantric dance of shiva and shakti here in fusion with the entire universe and enjoy each other in full respect, permission and freedom because only in this way being together aware that it is possible one day we will get there without any substance.

I recommend to everyone to try it, there are people who say that the next day it is «low» but it is not the opposite, you are left in a contemplative state, when you feel «low» it is usually because emotions arise that you need to embrace or because it gives you a posteriori guilt of having done things that normally you would not allow yourself.

It is recommended to have water by hand to drink if you get thirsty or to promote internal unblocking. Also have a coat in case you feel cold or a warm place nearby like a bed in case you need privacy. Some people are afraid of opening and clenching their jaws as a defensive response, I recommend you take a deep breath without hyperventilating and little by little the same experience will lead you to retune your daily breathing towards deep peace. If you can also have some relaxing infusions, beer or other alcohol and cigarillos on hand if you smoke or used to smoke, but as a simple accompaniment.

I was going to wait for it to be legalized to publish this article but I could no longer contain myself because love can no longer wait to expand in this world. I love you all, we deserve to enjoy and enjoy life to the fullest and that every corner of your longing for ecstasy is fulfilled.

Sergio Sanz Navarro

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