It is an experience of fusion with the Totality, of Unity, which allows us the possibility of recovering the memory of the immensity of what we really are; the borders of identity disappear like a salt doll that dissolves in the ocean of consciousness, producing a massive liberation of accumulated stress and repressed emotions. The climax of the experience comes within 3 minutes of taking it, after which a state of immense peace and serenity is produced until the connection with the ego gradually returns, recovering the usual sensation.

After registration and prior preparation, in which the reason why each participant decides freely and consciously to have this experience is shared, the medicine extracted from the glands of the toad Bufo Alvarius from the Sonoran desert (Mexico), considered the most potent entheogen in existence, is smoked. It is consumed by inhaling the smoke produced by the combustion of the scales resulting from the extraction in a pipe; it must be emphasised that during the collection of the medicine the toad does not suffer any harm by being milked and returned to its natural habitat, these toads only come out three months a year and it is the only species of toad in the world that possesses this substance.

The experience lasts between 15 and 20 minutes but the one who is living it loses the sense of time experiencing a vertiginous feeling of eternity, infinity and unity with all existence; during the experience it is also possible to go through moments of great anguish that are the prelude to the encounter with the divine, these moments prior to the ecstasy and the total oceanic feeling of communion with oneself and life have to do with the sensation of being thrown into the void at great speed, the transitory but total dissolution of the ego is the launching pad of the Self towards an unimaginable connection with the Whole. It takes great courage to experience such an experience; those who cross the threshold of the transient death of the ego are stripped of the veil of the illusion of separateness to be plunged fully into the peak experience of oneness. With no divisions in perception, the memory of where we come from and where we are going is fully recovered.

It must be made clear that these are not vague sensations or subtle feelings, but truly the perception of being with the whole: «You ARE divinity, you ARE all…», and it is surely the most powerful and profound experience a human being can have.

It is an encounter with the absolute, the mystical experience par excellence where the observer merges with the observed and the consciousness is conscious of itself, it is a change of Gestalt, in the everyday we can experience the divine from the human, but with the toad we experience the human from the divine, we look for an instant through the eyes of God or Creation merged in the totality of the present moment.

It is shared individually, one to one medicine is given, although the development of the process is done in a group way. The person requires full attention and care while navigating the immense trance of merging with the Universe.

After the experience there has to be an integration session.

With the bufo alvarius you have the possibility to become directly the Cosmic Consciousness, i.e. all questions or questioning of the overwhelming Absolute Love disappear before your eyes. That is why I assert without any fear of being labelled radical, incautious or apologetic that it is unlikely or impossible for a human being to experience such an experience by his or her own means. This does not mean that you cannot understand what a human being experiences in his life after having smoked it, but the experience itself is such a dissolution of the ego that unless divine grace visits you spontaneously you can rarely achieve such an experience by any rigorous method of meditation. This I write is backed up not only by my own experience but by that of hundreds of meditators who have given me their testimony of it.

I invite and summon the courageous in you to leap into the immensity so that we can dance together the dance of the blessed, the grace of the laughable and the feast of the worthy who open themselves to receive without any qualms the infinite gift of feeling eternally blissful.


In the peak experience of oneness that bufo alvarius generates, there are no hallucinations and there is no such thing as a hallucinator, because it is a non-dual experience. It is a miracle that there is something in nature that allows for a momentary enlightenment experience and that existence has decided to hide this key in the back of an amphibian.

It is classified as an entheogen, which connects you with entheos (Greek for God).

The apotheosis of the experience is total unity, samadhi, so that nothing is experienced as fragmented, this means that the veil of maya dissolves and with it the illusion or hallucination of separateness, in this sense it is catalogued as a hallucinogen, the ego dissolves and disappears with it the leprous perception of the world full of lack; An immeasurable fullness is then manifested in which we dissolve like a salt doll in the ocean of existence and where the idea of error and guilt are completely eradicated.

This confirms what Osho said: «Life is not a dream, you are the dream».

On the other hand, and in the face of the great misinformation that is appearing in the media, there is no reported case of death directly caused by smoking the Bufo Alvarius medicine, but all those who have smoked it have died and been reborn. Regarding the death of Jose Luis Abad after supposedly smoking «bufo alvarius» that Nacho Vidal gave him, this information is also false, because the cause of this death was not the bufo alvarius but the mixture of cocaine that he had taken, which he did not report, together with what he smoked, which is still unclear whether it was bufo alvarius or synthetic 5-meo-dmt, given Nacho Vidal’s refusal to give the substance extracted from the toads, for reasons of «ecological ethics» of not harming or stressing the toad. Both synthetic 5meo dmt and bufo alvarius are safe substances, although in the case of synthetic 5meo dmt the doses to be given are much lower. There are not even a dozen deaths reported worldwide where bufo alvarius was involved, most or all of them due to concealment of information from the participant (they do not say they are under the effect of drugs), negligence of the facilitator (giving an inordinate dose, the proper dose in bufo is between 35 and 75 mg and in the case of synthetic 5meo dmt between 5 and 25 mg), or because they have smoked it alone (an American girl drowned in her bathtub when she went backwards because she smoked 5meodmt alone and no one was holding her), or as in the case of a Portuguese man who died from a clot he already had in his leg and which could have moved in another intense situation such as when he was doing sport.

It is also being labelled as a drug when a drug is something that is used to evade reality, in this sense if someone intends to smoke bufo alvarius with the purpose of escaping I do not recommend it, because there is no possibility of escaping before The Encounter with the most absolute glory in which one ends up after crossing the threshold of fear and forgetting what we are not.

With ayahuasca your consciousness expands, but with bufo alvarius you become The Consciousness and there, in the heaven of the spirit, this discussion is laughable, you have arrived…

When you return from the experience you can contemplate how the character is restructured and witness the appearance of that ridiculous and absurd voice in the head that comments on everything. However before you didn’t know that voice could disappear, you didn’t know it was unreal, now you lived an experience where it didn’t have the power or where it didn’t exist and you are able to place yourself internally in a place of disidentification where you experience the peace of
simply Being.

Sergio Sanz Navarro

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